Our Supportive Community Culture and Core Values

At our core, we strive to foster a supportive community and environment where business interactions thrive. Our vision extends beyond your business success to encompass safe, respectful, and positive workspaces for all members. We kindly request that everyone who joins us embraces personal responsibility and respect as guiding principles.

Networking & Co-Creation Opportunities

Enjoy communal spaces on our sites for collaboration, relaxation, & unwinding.

Join our exciting social events held throughout the year.

Explore collaborative ventures & cross-working possibilities with other businesses. Witness the power of shared skills, synergies, & access to required services.

We take pride in hosting 150+ diverse businesses, spanning bakers, brewers, artists, musicians, robotics, costume sourcing, body work, jewellery making, pottery, sculpture, animation, woodworking, invention, wellbeing, spiritual work, & more! This dynamic mix fuels a vibrant community with boundless creativity, knowledge, skills, & passion.

Embracing Inclusivity

Enjoy flexibility with our rolling contract and 2 months’ notice period.

Meet businesses at their unique stage, providing diverse options for those starting out or at an advanced business level.

Foster a culture of self-responsibility, kindness, & collaborative spirit. Together, we build a supportive ethos that nurtures success for all.

Personal Growth & Wellness

In these innovative times, we recognise the growing awareness of the profound connection between business & personal well-being.

By combining a solid business model with a supportive mindset, our potential expands exponentially.

Personal growth serves as a catalyst, enabling self-understanding & fostering meaningful connections, support networks, & business growth.

Growth & wellness form the foundation for success, creativity, & long-term business sustainability.

We strongly believe that self-care enhances productivity, ensuring a balanced & thriving entrepreneurial journey.


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